What is input and output device with example?

Hello, Friends I am Ravi Thakur welcome back to my official website softazaria. Friends, Every personal computer includes some input and output devices. You may also be noticing these devices, but if you do not understand What is input and output device?, then you have come right website.

What is input and output device

Friends in simple words, when you input anything into the computer via a hardware device, it is called an input device. As keyboard and mouse come under input devices.

If you always believe that the computer begins working just by turning on a power switch, then it is not true. The PC cannot run without an Input Device and an Output Devices.

What is Input Device?

An input Device is an electronic device that helps to send input data or instructions to the PC. The Input devices send the data given by users to the computer, the PC understands them and then gives us the result according to input data. There are many input devices like Keyboards, mouse, light pen, scanners, trackballs, etc.

There are many kinds of input devices available in the market, and all of them have different roles.

Usually, users are confused about whether the Scanner is the Input or Output Devices, Monitor is which devices. So let me clear that the Scanner is an input device and the Monitor is an output devices.

Types of Input Devices


This is the primary input device of the PC. Users operate the keyboard to enter data into the computer. Also, it is used to input text and characters into pc. Overall, Users can be typing work on the computer via it only.


Also, it is an important input device for the computer. It is also called a Pointer Device. Users can move the arrow icon which is called the mouse Cursor visible on the PC screen. There are 3 keys in the standard mouse For example Left Left-click button and Right Right-click button and a roller key in the middle.


With the help of a Scanner input device, Users can send the photo or information already made on a page to the computer. Also, you can save any document on the computer as a photo with the help of it. Users can also edit the scanned document.


Nowadays, It is a very useful input device. It can easily detect sound and then transfer it in the form of a digital signal.

What is Input Device

What is output device?

When you provide any input to the computer via the input device and after that, the data processing and then the output you get results accounting input data via the output device.

Types Of Output Device

There are many output devices in the market some output devices are given below:


It comes in the type of Output Device. Also, This is the primary device of the PC. The monitor looks exactly like a TV. Without this, it is hard to do any job on the PC.


This is also a very useful output device. With the help of it, you can print the data delivered to the PC and you receive it in the form of hard copy. So the Printer can easily convert soft copy into hard copy.


Also, It works like a printer but it prints in larger sizes like graphs, drawings, and charts. With the help of it, we can create large drawings or photos. Also, It is used for Maps, construction plans, etc.


This is another important output device. With the help of it, you can also listen to music from a speaker. The sound we listen to via the speaker is developed by a component of the pc itself. Which is called a Sound Card

what is output device

What is the Difference Between Input and Output Devices

The device via which the user sends data to the PC is an input device. The device which transforms the input data into output is called the output device.
It accepts data from the user and transfers it to the processor. It takes data from the processor and does the processing and when processing is done, then it sends all data back to the user.
It helps the system in handling data from the user and entering it into the computer. It helps to convert soft copy to hard copy of your work
Example:- keyboard, scanner, joystick, Mouse, Light Pen, etc. Example:- Projector, Monitor, Plotters, Speaker, etc.

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